Silk Sarees Tips for Buying, Care & Maintenance

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Saree is one of the most beautiful outfits for ladies which can make any women look beautiful, gorgeous, and magnificent like a queen irrespective of the personality, complexion and body type a woman possess. Sarees are suitable for all kinds of occassions like any formal party, dinner party, kitty party, an outing, while traveling, wedding, any grand party and functions what you need is the right saree for that occasion.

There are different kinds of sarees which some are cheap and some are very costly which can be categorized according to some factors i.e. fabric used to make saree, and the embellishment work done on the saree e.g. embroider, sequins, lace work, stone work, zari work, etc. If we talk about the fabric used in making saree then most popular saree are silk sarees, cotton sarees, georgette saree, net saree, shimmer saree, brasso saree, chiffon saree, tissue crepe saree, etc. among which silk saree is the most expensive. Here I will talk about silk sarees.

celebrity actress anjali in beautiful gorgeous silk saree
Actress Anjali in Silk Saree

Tips for Buying Silk Saree

However there are plethora of shops, retail outlets, online shopping store who have been selling different types of silk sarees, but there are some important things which one should consider before buying a silk saree, like:

  • Cost of Silk Saree: Always remember quality comes with a price tag and is not cheaper. If you find any vendor offering you best silk sarees at a very low price then something is fishy in the water, because, a silk saree does not come cheap. More purer and original the silk, more costly it will be.
  • Embellishments on Silk Saree: The richness of the silk saree also depends on the embellishment work on it. More the work is done more the rich look and higher price tag it will have. In embellishment can be of any type like embroidery work, lace work, golden & silver threads work, zari work, sequins work, beautiful prints, or any other decoration work.
  • Color of the Silk Saree: The color of the silk saree also matter in determining how you will look in a particular color, eg what color would be best for you if you are dark, fair, pale, white, tall, short, fat, slim, skinny, overweight, plus size, etc. 
  • If you are not sure which type of saree you should buy for yourself then I have written a wonderful blog post for you, which describe some amazing tips on buying right saree for your complexion & body type, so that you look very beautiful and gorgeous. Visit this blog post - Which Type of Saree Should I buy for my Complexion & Body Type to make me look Beautiful, Sexy & Gorgeous.
south indian celebrity actress tamanna in beautiful designer silk saree
Actress Tamanna in Silk Saree

Some Indian Popular Varieties and Types of Silk Sarees:

  • Mysore Silk Sarees
  • Kanchipuram or Kanjivaram Silk Sarees
  • Banarasi Silk Sarees
  • South Indian Silk Sarees
  • Silk Cotton Sarees
  • Raw Silk Sarees
  • Nalli Silk Sarees
  • Pure Silk Sarees
  • Pochampally Silk Sarees
  • Tussar Silk Sarees
  • Designer Silk Sarees
  • Art Silk Sarees
  • White Silk Sarees

The best thing about the silk saree is that they are perfect for wedding parties, functions, or other type of occasions where a woman want to impress the people there. The natural shine, charm and rich look of these sarees not only make you look gorgeous, beautiful like a queen but also make you feel very special. So go on and buy a silk saree for you and steal the show when next time you attend any wedding and other parties, and let the people treat you as a special guest.

south indian tamil actress celebrity sneha in designer beautiful silk saree photos
Actress Sneha in Silk Saree

Tips for Silk Saree Maintenance & Care

When we talk about care and maintenance of your costly silk sarees then we should keep certain things in mind like:

How to Store Silk Sarees:

  • One should not store silk sarees with other types of sarees but they should be stored separately and wrapped in a muslin cloth or pure cotton cloth. 
  • Storing them in dark place is better to avoid fading and discoloration.
  • It is best to store silk saree in hanging position with the help of a hanger, this way they will not get any crease and would remain wrinkle free for long time.

How to Wash Silk Sarees: 

  • Washing from cold water is best for normal wash. 
  • If any saree gets any stain then either dry clean it or wash that portion with petrol and brush.
  • Washing with protein shampoo is also better for the silk saree as it would conserve the true nature of the silk saree.
  • Never twist or wring the silk saree during washing or while rinsing it, as this way the saree may lose the original shine and can attain permanent wrinkles.
  • Never dry the silk saree in direct sun light.
  • After washing silk saree, roll it in a cotton cloth or clean towel so that excess water is absorbed by the towel or cotton cloth. This way we do not need to twist or wring the saree to remove excess of water from the saree.
bollywood actress celebrity vidya balan in beautiful designer silk pattu saree
Vidya Balan in Silk Saree

Dry Cleaning & Removing Stains from Silk Saree:

In dry cleaning several chemicals and solutions are used to remove different types of stains from silk saree. A particular chemical fluid or solution is used to remove a particular stain, and these chemicals do not harm the saree. The following tips are not only for the silk sarees but they can also be applied for any other types of sarees.
  • For example petrol is used to remove dark and hard stains.
  • Acetone is used to remove the nail paint stains from the saree.
  • To remove the stains of sweat, blood, food, juice, tea, milk, gravy, ice cream, chocolate, eggs, etc. a mild detergent, liquid soap or any other protein stains remover shampoo.
  • For stains of oil, ghee, butter, etc. you should rub some talcum powder over the stain and then wash it with any mild detergent or liquid soap or shampoo in warm water.
  • NH2 and Hydrogen Peroxide are also used to remove the some tuff stains.
  • This article gives some more nice tips on washing & removing stains from silk saree.

How to Iron the Silk Sarees:

  • Either we should iron silk saree at low heat or put it under a cotton cloth while ironing it.
  • Using steam iron is also a best option as it would not harm the silk saree.

How to Keep Silk Sarees Wrinkle Free:

  • While washing never twist or wring the saree to remove excess of water, wrap it in any cotton cloth which will soak up the excess of water, and then dry it in hanging position with the help of a good hanger.
  • Also better to store it in hanging position and after some time unfold the saree to change the folding of the saree, and keep it doing after some time.
  • If hanger is not available, then it is better to store or pack them in cotton or muslin clothes.
actress celebrity anushka in beautiful designer latest silk saree
Anushka in Silk Saree

The above tips are not only for silk sarees but can also be applied for any other kinds of sarees, I am sure if you follow all such tips then not only the life of your saree will increase but their beauty and natural shine will also last for long. You can buy silk sarees from market or from any online saree store from any good online shopping store.

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